In 2002 Marc van Driest graduated at the Faculty of Architecture, University of Technology in Delft. He acquired a Master degree in both Architecture and Building and Technology.After his study he started working for Fokkema Architecten. As assistant designer he was responsible for projects like KPMG, BDO Camps Obers and Unilever headquarters.
In 2003 Marc continued his career working for VVKH Architecten. As an architect he was responsible for project The Wall in Utrecht ( from the very start. In the years following he grew into the role of managing architect for this particular project and others. As second man in command he was responsible for the daily management, the design process and all other activities around. Marc worked on several projects as a master plan for housing, a shopping center and some master plans for large retail developments malls.


Our projects and scopes are diverse. We maintain design activities in housing, renovation, retail, hotel, congress and offices. We are experienced in all scales and complexities of the design. We have particularly strong bounds and professionally developed working methods in the field of private commissioning. Our tasks are clearly organized for clients and they are related to the latest standards (STB 2014 & DNR 2011). We communicate with advisors and councilors in all phases of design and construction. We guide our clients intensively throughout the whole process. Our main field of work covers The Netherlands and abroad.


MARC architects works in a multidisciplinary network of professionals in design, visualization, building cost expertise, manufacturing and building physics. We intensified working together over the past years which resulted in a sustainable cooperation nowadays. We consider the exchange of knowledge and innovations very valuable. Our procedures of work are open and dynamical. Our approach is with passion, personal and in the meanwhile sober and respectful. The combination of inventiveness, technique and creativity is our force. Our design solutions are often unconventional. The organization is flexible and efficient. A customer-oriented way of working combined with a strong functionality is our base.


Our designs can potentially be buildings, a piece of furniture or parts of the city. Our scope has no scale. Our designs are custom made. We developed methods of design for private commissioners and both our professional clients. Our procedures are based on three important starting points.

Our first goal is to give a strong and clear answer to the clients question. Therefore we do research by design to specify all matters that can possibly of any influence. During this process we always try to be creative and diverse in design, detail and materials. We highly aim to combine esthetics and technology and never lose sight of the feasibility and costs. Therefore we have to be inventive throughout the whole process.

A good design is characterized by its balance between technique, functionality, costs and esthetics. The results can be designs which are absorbed by their surroundings or just even more strongly the opposite. We want to make designs which can be considered as affective and a clear answer to the questioned program of design and in the meanwhile highly flexible. In the process of design the architect has two important roles: on one hand he is unpretentious and on the other he acts decisive if needed. Always with knowledge.     

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